On-Site Boat Repairs & Maintenance

Boat - Boat Maintenance

The Yacht Doctor of Ventura, California, brings convenient solutions to your location with on-site boat repairs and maintenance. From basic adjustments to tune-ups and engine repair, we provide the service you require to get your boat back on the water.

Keeping You Afloat

Whether it is the beginning of the season or just a general checkup, our factory-trained technician will perform an engine survey and maintenance check-up services. Once we diagnose the vessel, we can deliver the services necessary to have your boat running at optimum efficiency. Our technician has more than 10 years of experience providing a variety of services including:

• Engine Repowers with Beta Marine™ Engine
• Generator Repowers
• Electronic Installation
• Outdrive & Inboard Engine Repair

• Plumbing Services
• Tune-Ups
• Oil / Filter Service

• Electrical Repair
• Hatch & Vent Repairs
• Window Installation & Seals

Contact our experienced boat technician for hassle-free solutions that return your boat to the water.